Our “remote medical care system” (online medical care system) is a system that allows doctors to perform medical examinations with a videophone information communication device without visiting Shinjuku West Clinic or Shibuya West Clinic. It is a so-called smartphone medical treatment, but in addition to smartphones, it can be used with tablets, Windows PCs, Apple computers, and other terminals equipped with browsers. It may not be available depending on the conditions of some terminals and lines.

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If you have already registered, you can log in and make a reservation.



It is only for revisit during normal times. You can also use it here if you are new to the clinic. Supports 47 prefectures nationwide.


If you have no medical history at West Clinic

Currently, it can be used temporarily by new patients. Please check the link for details.
Normal time: If you have never visited Shinjuku West Clinic or Shibuya West Clinic, you will need to visit us for the first time. From the second time onward, remote medical treatment will be possible.